This course takes us beyond traditional healing approaches to the expanded potential offered by an exploration of the Five Elements, the Five Spirits, Daoist philosophy, and the Extraordinary Vessels as viewed through the lens of Jean Gebser’s seminal text, The Ever-Present Origin.


This unique merger of philosophy, spiritual practice, history, art, meditation, and medicine is intended to deepen our own personal work as well as to enhance our work with others in manifesting alchemical change.


The course consists of seven, two-hour live-stream lectures with additional between-lecture activities recommended throughout. Through the gestalt of lectures, readings, film recommendations, partnering exercises, mandala creations, and virtual group encounters, our desire it to manifest Integral consciousness itself. 

Although there will be much information provided for acupuncturists, this course
is not solely for acupuncturists.


Awakening Consciousness is for anyone interested in and serious about Alchemical Healing, the process of transformation, and the new consciousness that is irrupting in real time!

Each session of the live-stream course will bring to life one of Gebser’s five states of consciousness…Archaic, Magical, Mythical, Mental, and Integral.


We will discuss and experience each of the states in session and through explorations between sessions—some undertaken alone; some, with others from the course. Between each session, there will be a live office hour with Lorie and Jessie for questions and the sharing of insights and discoveries. For acupuncturists taking the course, NCCAOM PDA points and CEs for the California Acupuncture Board will be available. In addition, specific treatment protocols will be suggested that stem from our work with the consciousness states, clinical case studies, the extraordinary vessels, and Lorie’s new book, Kigo: Exploring the Spiritual Essence of Acupuncture Points Through the Changing Seasons. 


And to reassure, you do not need to be a Gebserian scholar (or even be familiar with Gebser) to take this course. We have gone to great lengths to create and structure lectures and between-session assignments that facilitate ease of working with this sometimes complex, but highly engaging material. We have done everything we can to ensure that Gebser’s ideas about the states of consciousness are clearly communicated, made accessible, and easy to digest.

Awakening Consciousness is offered on our community site called A New Possibility. The course will be periodically available as a live-stream 3 month long course (lectures are spaced about 2 weeks apart).


For the live-stream course there is an activity feed for post-lecture questions and discussions among class members, individual lesson comment boxes where you can post immediately and privately to Lorie and Jessie, support information, files, and resources that you can consult and download, and postings of the recorded lectures in case you’re unable to attend a session, or want to re-listen to a lecture. You will have access to all of the course materials for one year following its completion.

The course is now also available in a pre-recorded lecture version 
that you can sign up for and take at any time. 

You can enroll for Part I of the online pre-recorded Awakening course here.

The next live-stream version of the course will be offered again in the Fall of 2021.

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