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We find ourselves facing difficult times of social, political,
and environmental discord with the health and safety of our beloved planet under attack.


Awakening Consciousness for Healing is intended as a safe harbor where we can learn to access tools
to help navigate the maelstrom and ultimately to help facilitate the personal, national,
and planetary shift that is so urgently needed.

The first section of this online course will open the doorway to the potential of this transformational possibility. It will take you on an in-depth exploration of the Five Elements, Five Spirits, Daoist philosophy, ancient Chinese texts, and various healing approaches...employing the lens of Jean Gebser's consciousness states, as described in his seminal text, The Ever-Present Origin.

Awakening's pre-recorded lectures, assigned readings, and experiential exercises provide the foreground and background landscape of your journey through these consciousness states—which are brought to life via a unique merger of art, history, spiritual practice, philosophy, meditation, and medicinal approaches.

Our experience has shown that as one takes in and learns about each consciousness state in a deep and meaningful way that there becomes possible an unfolding within that allows access to parts of ourselves not yet fully experienced. This unfolding also helps to deepen our understanding, compassion, and skill in working with others, and helps us to take in the larger stage of life with an expanded and enhanced perspective.


Part I of the course consists of three, two and one-half hour pre-recorded lectures, with additional between-lecture activities recommended throughout. These initial three lectures introduce you to Gebser's states of consciousness, and then provide an in-depth explanation, exploration, and visitation with the first two...Archaic and Magical Consciousness. 


The online nature of the course allows you to take it at any time and to move through
the course material at your own pace.


You'll Walk Away With:


  • New perspectives and approaches for navigating life and its challenges

  • Tools, tools, tools... to facilitate centering and to access openings that lead to change

  • Guidance for using these tools, such as recommended spirit points to needle or press, specific essential oils that help elicit certain states, meditations and felt-sense exercises to touch into one's deep knowing

  • Specific questions that act as 'golden keys' for inner exploration

  • Greater access to one's own personal creativity and ability to vision

  • For acupuncturists, six detailed treatment protocols with assessment diagnostics that focus on spirit points and their Extraordinary vessel counterparts, and 14 PDA Points awarded by NCCAOM upon course completion


The course is for anyone interested in and serious about

the process of transformation, and the new consciousness that is 'irrupting' in real time!

You can enroll for Part I of the online pre-recorded
Awakening Consciousness for Healing course here.

(The next live-stream version of the course will be offered again early in 2022.)

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