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Jessie is a true mind and body healer. Her insights during our conversations are always deep, and often have a magical/spiritual quality. The acupuncture work we have done has helped me with numerous ailments, and I always leave my visits with a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

Ingrid, International Tax Maven, Age 50

My time with Jessie has helped me to 'relate' in all senses of the word. I've discovered a deeper sense of self, a greater connection, understanding and ability to listen to my own body, others and the universe - the world outside myself. The peace and relaxation that comes with being on her table is unrivaled.

Kristina, Customer Care Specialist, Age 29

Jessie's knowledge of Chinese herbs and acupuncture saved me from a 10 month bout of sciatica 5 years ago. Have been frequenting her practice every month since, and always look forward to our chats.


David, Bartender, Age 45

Jessie is an extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, and wise practitioner. After working with many acupuncturists over the years, there is no one I trust more. Her expertise is obvious from the moment you get on her table; her wisdom feels ancestral. Jessie helped me with pregnancy, during pregnancy, and beyond - in more ways than I can count.


Tatiana, Author, Yoga Teacher, Age 34

Every time I have a session with Jessie – and I have been seeing her regularly for several years – I learn something. It is as if she has the equivalent of a divining rod, guiding her to exactly what I need each time. The skills and education that she continues to cultivate are illuminated by what can only be called a gift for healing.

Andy, Director, Teacher, Actor, Age 70

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