Ancient Healing: Sex, Soul, and Substance

This documentary-style, educational film provides an encounter with seven previously unknown ancient medical manuscripts discovered in a tomb in southern China.


Experiencing the content of these manuscripts will not only expand your thinking, but will literally change your mind! You'll never look at healing, health and longevity, sex and potency, illumination and meaning the same again.

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The I Ching, Ancient Consciousness, and the Creation of Chinese Medicine

This documentary-style, artfully rendered film tells the story of how Chinese medicine came into being, and describes the states of consciousness that propelled it forward.


In this film the development of Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbs) is explored through an in-depth look at the I Ching - The Book of Changes, a revered classical text compiled over the span of 600 years. It explores and explains the intellectual antecedents (yin-yang and five phases theories) that were identified by ancient cosmologers, expanded by the diviners, and ultimately adopted by early physicians. The I Ching's long developmental lifespan and composite nature also render the consciousness states that brought it and Chinese medicine to life transparent.

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I Ching Music Video

This film provides a visual backdrop to music composed and inspired by I Ching hexagrams 18 and 59. The film and music were part of a presentation, The I Ching: An Ancient Conduit to Integral Consciousness, that was given at the 2018 Gebser Conference held at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. The composition is an example of how the I Ching, one of the world's most ancient texts and numeric codexes, is an alchemical conduit to integral consciousness. The full presentation, The I Ching: An Ancient Conduit to Integral Consciousness, can be found under the 'Books' tab of the Store.

Structures of Consciousness film series

This film series is dedicated to the work of philosopher, linguist and poet, Jean Gebser. His treatise, The Ever-Present Origin, is a masterpiece that identifies and details various states of consciousness. Gebser believed that there is a time when each state of consciousness (archaic, magical, mythical, and mental) becomes deficient and is no longer sustainable. This is often experienced as a chaotic and untenable time (i.e., now!). This 'deficiency' eventually forces a 'mutational leap' to occur whereby a 'new' consciousness emerges, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes of the old. He believed that integral consciousness, a hologram of all the consciousness states that preceded it, would arise out of our current and dominant state, deficient mental consciousness. My films are intended as a resource to help access these earlier states of consciousness, and subsequently, to help manifest the diaphanous transparency of the integral.  

Mythical Consciousness, Part I (Film 3)
Mental consciousness, (Film 4)
Archaic Consciousness (Film 1)
Magical Consciousness (Film 2)
Integral Consciousness, (film 5)