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This presentation explores the I Ching, one of the oldest and most revered texts in existence. Compiled between 1100 and 190 BC, the I Ching was written by a host of authors, from the scribes and shamans of the royal Zhou court to scholars of the early Han Dynasty. It contains not only their views and beliefs, but is a veritable composite of their different consciousness states…including magical and mythical consciousnesses.


Given the nature and scope of its composition, the I Ching seems a natural guide for the mutational leap to Integral consciousness. It is more than wild coincidence that the 64 hexagrams* identified by the ancient ones as all the potential meanings/outcomes in life, would match scientists’ fairly recent discovery (1955) of 64 strands of DNA, the blueprint for humankind.


The presentation discusses the I Ching’s inherent diaphaneity. Stretching beyond the hexagrams’ underlying binary code of whole and broken lines, and pure quantity, it explores and embraces their energetic qualities, creative inspiration, archetypal suggestions, synchronistic access, and divine guidance. To illustrate these qualities, the presentation employs the language of music. It features an original piece of music composed based on hexagrams that were thrown as the presentation was being created.


*The number of figures or iterations of six parallel whole or broken lines randomly generated by dividing and counting 50 yarrow stalks or by throwing 3 coins.

The I Ching: An Ancient Conduit to Integral Consciousness - eBook

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