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Structures of Consciousness film series

This film series is dedicated to the work of philosopher, linguist and poet, Jean Gebser. His treatise, The Ever-Present Origin, is a masterpiece that identifies and details various states of consciousness. Gebser believed that there is a time when each state of consciousness (archaic, magical, mythical, and mental) becomes deficient and is no longer sustainable. This is often experienced as a chaotic and untenable time (i.e., now!). This 'deficiency' eventually forces a 'mutational leap' to occur whereby a 'new' consciousness emerges, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes of the old. He believed that integral consciousness, a hologram of all the consciousness states that preceded it, would arise out of our current and dominant state, deficient mental consciousness. My films are intended as a resource to help access these earlier states of consciousness, and subsequently, to help manifest the diaphanous transparency of the integral.  

Archaic Consciousness (Film 1)
Archaic Consciousness
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Magical Consciousness (Film 2)