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Outside of Time: A Woman's Exploration Within the Confines of Forever

Outside of Time sources from the author's shamanic and Chinese medicine studies, along with Jean Gebser's philosophic detailing of various states of consciousness. The story entails wild Peruvian adventures and liberal pinches of plant medicine contrasted against a backdrop of life in New York City. The book brings Gebser's consciousness states to life, which serve to illuminate its heroine's path to greater self-realization and wholeness. Pricing: $12.99 eBook, $21.99 paperback.

Book Outside of Time by Jessie Shaw

Transparency and Healing Through the Omission of Time

This book explores the shamanic, magical and mythical roots of acupuncture and sacred plant medicine, and discusses how they are critical assistants along the path to greater personal wholeness. It details how each of these healing approaches gives us access to multiple states of consciousness, and how the wisdom of the ancients who discovered them via their intuitive brilliance can guide us toward new ways of experiencing ourselves and the world. The book was presented at the 2017 Gebser Society Conference in New York City. Pricing: $8.99.

Walking in Two Worlds

Chapter Essay 'Therapy As Dance and Dance As Therapy'

Therapy as Dance is an essay by Jessie Shaw and William Hedberg featured in Stephen Gilligan and Dvorah Simon's edited mosaic of the various expressions of Self-Relations Therapy and the relational self. The chapter illustrates the somatic expression of this rich and poetic healing modality. 


Self-Relations Therapy is, in part, a synthesis of theory and practice from various prior traditions. However, the approach is more than an amalgam of ideas; rather, SR offers a meta-framework in which multiplicity of form, meaning, presence, and so on can be contained within an actively adaptive, aware, and present relational self. Pricing: $78.82.

Archaic Consciousness (Film 1)

Structures of Consciousness film series

This film series is dedicated to the work of philosopher, linguist and poet, Jean Gebser. His treatise, The Ever-Present Origin, is a masterpiece that identifies and details various states of consciousness. Gebser believed that there is a time when each state of consciousness (archaic, magical, mythical, and mental) becomes deficient and is no longer sustainable. This is often experienced as a chaotic and untenable time (i.e., now!). This 'deficiency' eventually forces a 'mutational leap' to occur whereby a 'new' consciousness emerges, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes of the old. He believed that integral consciousness, a hologram of all the consciousness states that preceded it, would arise out of our current and dominant state, deficient mental consciousness. My films are intended as a resource to help access these earlier states of consciousness, and subsequently, to help manifest the diaphanous transparency of the integral.  

Magical Consciousness (Film 2)
Mythical Consciousness, Part I (Film 3)
Mythical consciousness, Part 2 (Film 4)
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