Acupuncture|Chinese Herbs
  1. BulletTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) when working with internal conditions or ailments that are best defined & understood using 8 Principles and differential diagnosis.

  2. BulletAlchemical/Five Elements acupuncture when with emotional and/or spiritual areas.

Acupuncture treatments are frequently combined with herbal remedies that can be taken in pill or raw herb form.  The raw herbs are obtained from a highly reputable herbal store in Chinatown and are then cooked and drunk as a tea once a day.


Acupuncture & Chinese herbs are the core components of Jessie’s healing practice.  They are powerful tools that enable the:

  1. (1)Healing of physical problems,

  2. (2)Transformation of difficult emotional states,

  3. (3)Generation of new perspectives for seeing & experiencing life. 

She is happy to work with you in any of these areas. 

The acupuncture approach or combination of approaches Jessie uses depends upon the needs of the person being treated.  For example:

  1. BulletMeridian Style when working with tendon-muscular issues.

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